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Air Conditioning Repair Tempe

Air Conditioning Repair Tempe

Many homeowners understand the confusion of studying various AC systems for repair and replacement services. The next best option is usually to call an HVAC service provider that can quickly and accurately assess the system. Do you know how much time the repair technician will save you?

How long is air conditioning repair in Tempe?

The repair technician will usually request to see the actual AC unit that needs repair. They will begin eliminating all possible errors by first applying their knowledge to identify the sounds and faults that characterize most units. The trial and error process of diagnosis could take approximately five minutes to an hour.

The AC diagnosis process checks the air filter to confirm whether it needs a simple obstruction or complete replacement. The technician will then determine the best possible solution after a careful analysis of the wiring, electronics, and safety controls. The amount of time they take to repair the system depends on a couple of fundamentals that affect all AC repair technicians.

Factors that affect the time of repairing an AC unit


The AC system will not cool off your home when it can blow enough or cold refrigerant air. The compressor has a complex problem that may need multiple repairs and replacements.

AC unit replacement

The AC system cannot survive without maintenance for several months or years. There are chances that you will have to replace the entire unit or any of its parts to revitalize optimal functionality. The technician may also have to rewire the thermostat. The whole air conditioning repair in Tempe could take a maximum of six hours in a single-family home, or more in an apartment.

Strange noise

The AC system will have strange sounds like bangs or whirring sounds when it has a broken belt in the unit. Belt replacement takes a couple of hours and repair or replace.

Reduced refrigerant

An AC unit that makes bubbling noise could mean that the refrigerant is too low; hence it makes the airflow in the house also be inadequately cool. Replacing the AC takes a couple of hours, to ensure the unit can blow off the coldest air possible during hot seasons.

Broken ductwork

Broken ductwork can take days to repair because the technician has to travel or sense through walls and ceilings for accurate troubleshooting. Replacing the ductwork will take longer in a bigger home with a complex structure.


A single-family home is more comfortable to handle than a multi-family townhouse of a high-rise apartment. Typically, a one-day project is difficult for units in the latter construction complexes. The process requires additional permits to get the job done and to maneuver through all the housing system. It is recommendable that you set aside at least four to eight hours for a technician to fix an AC problem in an apartment complex or townhouse system.

You want a technician who will be available at all times of the day or night to fix a broken or faulty AC unit. Bruce’s Air Conditioning has a 24/7 service program that will access your home within the shortest time possible. We are quick to avail technicians in the Greater Phoenix area, inclusive of Chandler when you call our direct office lines.

Air Conditioning Repair Tempe

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