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Awning Installations In Sacramento, CA

Awnings are often called awnings, canopies, or sunshades. They are protections attached to a wall over a window, door, or in front of a shop to protect them from rain and sunlight. They can be made of metal, wood, plastic, or fabric.

Residential And Commercial Awnings​ Sacramento

Awning fabrics are typically made of cotton, acrylic, or polyester laminated with vinyl. We make custom awnings for both residential and commercial purposes in Sacramento. All of our awnings are hand-crafted and stitched with high-quality threads and waterproof fabric that are ideal for all types of weather and backed by a five-year warranty. The steel that is used is meant to last as long as possible and offer durability from all angles. Sacramento Deck Pros offers a wide range of styles and structures in our gallery. If you can imagine it, we can build it.

Retractable Awnings Sacramento

Our retractable patio awnings come in a variety of standard sizes, as well as custom sizes. Features include: motorized plug-in system with remote control. The standard sizes are 12′ width x 10′ projection, 15′ width x 10′ projection, and 19′ width x 10′ projection. However, each project is unique, and retractable awnings can be tailored to your specifications. Electrical work and permit applications are not included.

How Do Awnings Help Your Residential And Commercial Property In Sacramento?

An awning helps shade your property from the intense rays of the sun. If you have patio furniture, an awning can help to prevent it from being damaged by the sun. Certain types of awnings can be retractable or removed when not in use. They are usually used in front of shops and restaurants.

When the temperature outside your windows and doors is extremely hot, your air conditioner has to work harder to cool your house. By shading the area around your windows and doors, an awning can help lower the temperature. The system reduces energy consumption, lowers electricity bills, and makes your house more energy efficient.


In commercial establishments such as restaurants and hotels, awnings can be added to provide extra space for dining and parties. A concrete structure is much more expensive than an awning. It can look more beautiful than indoor space, and it can save a lot of money on lighting and ventilation.

Schools and hospitals have hundreds of people entering and leaving their buildings every day. By installing an awning at the entrance, these people can be protected from the elements. The awning also serves as a focal point at the entrance.

A hospital’s ambulance drop-off area will have an awning to protect the patient and his/her family member from the harsh sun or heavy rain.

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