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Commercial Air Conditioning Miami

Commercial Air Conditioning Miami

Brophy Air Specialty Group LLC has provided HVAC repair, maintenance, and installation services for many years. We hire trained technicians who are prompt, professional, and polite. Our industrial air conditioning in Miami rates is some of the most competitive in the industry. We pride ourselves in same-day repairs and equipment replacement.

Excellent Customer Service

Brophy Air Specialty Group LLC strives to provide the best customer care service. Our customer service agents are knowledgeable and will answer your queries, discuss payments, schedule service appointments, and walk you through the installation process.

Well-Stocked Trucks and Warehouses

Our technicians have well-equipped trucks ready to take on your HVAC repair job at any time. Our warehouses are also stocked with HVAC repair tools and parts so that the technicians can get what they need for your services without having to shop around or wait for parts to be shipped.

Technologically Advanced

We operate an on-site metal fabrication facility. Our skilled artisans create excellent quality metal ductwork for commercial and residential projects. Our internal sheet metal production provides us the opportunity to maintain quality control standards. This saves on HVAC repair costs and time. Our on-site metal fabrication enables us to serve clients better.

Flexible and Fast Services

When you place a call for HVAC service repair, we show up on the same day. We understand the urgency of HVAC maintenance and repairs, and we do not want to make you wait. Our technicians ensure they arrive on time and finish up on time without inconveniencing you. We understand that heating and cooling emergencies can happen anytime, so we have technicians on call at all times. Please call us anytime for emergency repairs.


We do not charge for consultations. Instead, we charge by the job, so you know what you will pay for in advance. In addition, we do not have hidden charges; what we invoice to you is what you will pay.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Our business success is pegged on the loyalty of our customers and referrals. We have retained our customers and voted one of the best commercial AC companies in Miami, Florida. We have served about three generations of some of our clients and consider them family. Whether it is installation, service, or repair, our customers are guaranteed that we never let them down.

Our integrity has built our name because we are consistent in our principles, values, outcomes, actions, and expectations. In addition, our company is community-oriented and continues to do CSR projects to give back to the society that has made us who we are.


We are passionate about environmental protection, which is why we use eco-friendly HVAC repair and maintenance techniques. All decisions are in our clients’ and the environment’s best interests. Our technicians are EPA certified and trained to recover refrigerants instead of letting them escape into the ozone layer.

Please make an appointment with us today and let us take care of all your Commercial HVAC in Miami. Please contact Brophy Air Specialty Group LLC at (305) 444-6404 today.

Commercial Air Conditioning Miami

Brophy Air Specialty Group, LLC

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