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With a beautiful, custom-built deck, you can actually increase the value and functionality of your home. Adding a deck adds value because it increases the family’s living space and the quality of enjoyment of the backyard…it ties the family, the home, and the outdoors together. Call Sacramento Deck Pros for a new deck construction or deck repair.

New Custom Deck Building Company In Sacramento

Our custom decks are built using premium quality materials such as stainless steel fasteners, which are known for their longevity and performance. They are also designed by structural engineers who specialize in issues such as load bearing, wind uplift, and durability. We can design your deck to fit your space, needs, and budget. The materials we offer include pressure treated wood, Ipe wood decking, Cumaru hardwood, Tigerwood decking boards, Teak, high quality composite decking, and Resysta durable decking boards. Sacramento Deck Builders Pros can make your new deck last longer by using the most advanced composite materials on the market. Composite wood might be right for you if you don’t want to sand, stain, and seal your deck regularly. We work closely with homeowners in order to determine the intended use of the deck, and to design a deck that meets your individual or family needs. If you decide to add a hot tub, outdoor spa, pergola, picnic table, or outdoor kitchen later, our service meets all government guidelines.

Different Type Of Decks We Build

Ground Level Deck – A popular choice in Sacramento, Ground Level Decks are typically less than twelve inches above the ground. A small frame will be built to allow for insulation and to prevent rotting in the wood from moisture. Ground Level Decks usually start from the back door and stretch out to desired length!

Raised Deck – Raised Decks are also known as Balcony Decks. Their height is defined by the house’s structure. Raised Decks are supported by wood posts. From the Deck, you can access your indoor stairway from the outside.

Low Attached Deck – Attached Low Decks are similar to Ground Level Decks. The deck will meet the threshold of the back door, but not have to be on the ground. A frame will be built to your desired height and attached to the home.

Hillside Deck – Although not commonly found in Sacramento, a hillside Deck is designed specifically for a sloped backyard. Just because you have a hilly backyard doesn’t mean you have to give up on your Deck dreams!

Split Level Deck – It is possible to create an illusion of more space with Sacramento split level decks. Whether it is two stories or simply different levels on the ground, two separate frames will be needed to create this illusion. But it can be achieved!

Gazebo Deck – A Gazebo Deck centers around a Gazebo. Whether the Gazebo is built in the center and a deck surrounds it, or the Gazebo is built out from it, Gazebo Decks can make a wonderful addition to your backyard oasis.

Wraparound Deck – Having a wraparound deck provides the perfect outdoor entertaining space since they can be built around any corner of the home or around the entire house!

Pool/Hot Tub Deck – With Sacramento’s mild climate, a Pool or Hot Tub is almost a necessity. And a Deck can complement your outdoor activity area while adding some convenience when entering or exiting your Pool or Hot Tub!

Free Standing Decks – These decks are built in an open area and are strong enough not to require any sort of attachment. They are perfect for an outdoor kitchen area if you have a large backyard. If you want a separate entertaining area that won’t disturb anyone who isn’t participating, a Free Standing Deck can be the perfect solution.

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