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Newport Beach Handyman

Newport Beach HandymanWho’s your Newport Beach handyman? You don’t have one, you say? That will never do. Everyone needs to know a great fixit guy. We are East West Handyman and we can do all those household repair projects you’ve been putting off forever. Give us a call at 888.639.9992 and tell us what you need.

Are you a woman who enjoys living alone, but sometimes wishes for a handyman around the house? Plenty of females are quite adept at basic household repairs. Just as many are not. Even if you do know how to wield a screwdriver or mend a screen, that doesn’t mean you have the time to tend to your own household repairs, improvements and fix-it projects. That’s why it’s a great idea to save our number right now. We can be your Newport Beach handyman any time you need us. If you have a mental list of large and small projects that you’ve been meaning to get to, give us a call and tell us about it. If you haven’t made a list as of yet, do it today. Walk through every room in your house and take notes. If you have a loose doorknob, East West Handyman can fix it right up. Are there any dings in the drywall? We fix that sort of thing every day.

Little household repairs, if left unattended, can cause you all sorts of unnecessary stress. Instead of feeling bad every time you see things that need doing, make the call to East West today. We hope that once you’ve hired us for one job, you will call on us each and every time you need a great Newport Beach handyman. Call 888.639.9992 and tell us about all the large and small jobs you need done around the house and yard.

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