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Santa Rosa Fence Company

Santa Rosa Fence CompanyBear in mind that not every Santa Rosa fence company does everything we do. Welcome to the online home of Redwood Residential Fence Company, serving Sonoma County plus parts of Napa, Mendocino & Marin Counties. Whether you need a new gate, fence or grapevine trellis, we are the company to call.

In this marvelous part of California known as the North Bay, we love our time spent outdoors. Real estate around this region comes at a premium price, and people prefer their yards and fields to appear natural, yet tidy. Drive through California wine country, and you will see vineyard after vineyard with wonderfully organized rows. Much care and attention goes into building those vineyards. Grape vines are quite valuable, and when well tended to can live for many years. A skilled Santa Rosa fence company can install agricultural wire fencing around the perimeter of your vineyard. A fence such as this will deter tourists from stomping your grapes before their time. So now, all you have to do is choose a Santa Rosa fence company that’s up to the task at hand. Who do you call? Call us. We are Redwood Residential Fence Company, and Santa Rosa is but one of the North Bay cities and towns we serve.

Redwood Residential Fence Company has the experience and skills required to design and build a fence up to your high standards. Of course, we guarantee each and every fence installation we do. If you love the good looks and low maintenance ease of California redwood, you’re going to love our fences, trellises, pergolas and agricultural wire fences. If pickets are what you prefer, we would be delighted to install a high quality redwood picket fence anywhere you desire. We proudly service all of Sonoma County, plus most of Napa Valley, Marin County and Mendocino County, as well. Santa Rosa Fence Company

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