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Waterproof Deck Coating

The best waterproof deck coating can be found at Deck-Coat. Waterproofing your deck can help protect it from the elements for years to come. The application process of most coating options from Deck-Coat is relatively simple and can be done without the help of a professional. However, some people would rather hire an expert than tackle the job on their own.

 Improving the integrity of your deck can not only improve its longevity, but it can also increase the overall aesthetic appearance of your deck. Whether you have a back deck or a front deck, these places are a sanctuary where you can relax. You don’t want to have a deck that is an eyesore or is unattractive. Applying deck coating that is waterproof can help add a little zest to the appearance of your deck, and can also help protect it from damaging rain.

Tough Performance and Aesthetically Appealing

The deck coating options at Deck-Coat provide a tough performance that can withstand snow, rain, and hail. There are multiple colors offered to help provide an eye catching appeal that matches nicely with the exterior of your home. The six color options are as follows:

  • Ivory Gray Blend
  • Blue Gray Blend
  • Hunter Beige Blend
  • Canyon Brown
  • Green Blend
  • Canyon Ivory

While the colors may vary, the integrity of the deck coating doesn’t waver. This maintenance free coating is thick and lustrous, which provides the ultimate level of protection. The damage that rain and hail can have on a deck can be shocking, especially over long periods of time. The deck wood can begin to rot and fall apart due to long term exposure to the elements. Adding a layer of protection is vital to maintaining the appearance of your deck.

Six Step Process

The process of applying waterproof coating from Deck-Coat is fast and simple. The first step involves power washing your deck until it is clean of debris. You want to ensure a smooth surface for applying the base coat. Before applying the base coat, you will need to replace any areas on the deck that are rotten. Once the deck is clean and free of damage, the base coat application process can begin. Applying the base coat is simple, and it only requires a few tools. Once the base coat is dry, the process of applying rejection flake can begin. The final step involves applying a poly coat. Following these simple steps can allow you to enjoy your deck for many more summers to come.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Not only can customers expect a slip resistant coating that is maintenance free, but they can also receive a limited lifetime warranty. Interested parties are encouraged to reach out to the team at Deck-Coat to learn more details about the types of deck coating available. Browse through all of your options to find a match for your needs. All coating from Deck-Coat is stain free and resistant to chemicals, which provides higher quality performance. NASA uses the same product in many of its operations.

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Waterproof Deck Coating

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